The Dairy at Lake Hiawatha

August 7, 2016

The Dairy at Lake Hiawatha

Open all yrar

Today we went on a Meet-Up hike at Pyramid Mountain in Boonton, New Jersey. It was a nice place to hike and a delightful group of people.  We decided to grab some ice cream before continuing on with our day.

The Dairy at Like Hiawatha (or is it the  Lake Hiawatha Dairy? Is the Facebook page wrong or the sign on their store?   I think it may be undergoing an identy crisis!)  was a friendly place with great ice cream.  The shop was attractuve and offered everything an ice cream shop should (cakes, sundaes, ice cream) with seating both indoors or outdoors.   I chose two of their homemade ice cream varieties – Mother Earth and Chocolate Dipped Banana. The Mother Earth was blue and green with chocolate pieces – I presume representing land, water and dirt – I just know I really liked both the flavor and the texture.  The chocolate Dipped Banana was quite tasty as well.  I splurged with chocolate  dipped waffle cone with sprinkles (definately worth the calories).  This place
is worth a visit!



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