Riverside Creamery

imageAugust 6, 2016

Riverside Creamery, Port Jervis, New York


Today we took a trip to Port Jervis to walk part of the Delaware River Heritage Trail and see the view from the Elks Brox Memorial Park park.  The heritage trail was difficult to follow in spots – a map of the pathway would have helped!  The Elks Brox Park had an amazing view – I would like to get back there for some hiking.  We had to follow up our excursion with ice cream.

The Riverside Creamery offered everything from full meals to munchies to numerous desert choices.  We just got ice cream.  Their specialty was fried ice cream – I am not sure why anyone would want to deep fry ice cream (unless they were severely  underweight) –  ice cream is so good on its own.  I got a Reese’s Pieces Sundae (why do I think it is okay to top ice cream with all sorts of things, but not deep fry it?), which was good.  The shop offered plenty of indoor seating  with waitress service and plenty of nice picnic tables outside over looking the Delaware River – we saw lots of kayaks float by -it would have been fun to join them!


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