Panda’s Parlor


July 30, 2016

Panda’s Parlor, Liberty, New York


Girls weekend!

My first question:  What do pandas have to do with ice cream?  My second question:   Are customers allowed to sit in the big comfy life guard chair with the panda?  I  do not have an answer to either one, and since we visited on such a rainy day i did not want to sit in that comfy-looking chair anyway.  Panda’s Parlor in Liberty, New York was a nice place to visit.  The sold both hot and cold food including sandwiches and munchies,  More importantly, they had hard (Hershey’s and Perry’s) and soft ice cream,  beautiful ice cream cakes and novelties.   I had cannoli ice cream (mascarpone flavored ice cream, cannoli shell pieces and chocolate chips) – a flavor I  have not tried before – .  it was quite good!.  There was plenty of indoor seating with large windows that made it bright (despite the rain) and pleasant.


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