Wemple and Edicks

image.jpegJuly 23, 2016

Wemple and Edicks,   Johnstown, New York


Today we rode from Fort Plain to Little Falls on the Canalway Trail along the Erie Canal making several stops to explore the area.   I loved this trail.  The surface was smooth and mostly crushed stone, the scenery is varied and everyone we met was very friendly.  We hope to explore more of this trail in the near future.  After a day on our bicycles, it was time for a treat.

Wemple and Edicks has been in business since 1897 and feels like  a place time forgot -it it a rustic building where even the clock is locked on 11:50.  It was a friendly place with great ice cream – I got  Hawaiian Moon and Banana Nut –  the servings were generous, the price was reasonable  and the shop was charming.  We got a bit of  entertainment when the power blipped off and on a couple of times startling the employees.  There were tables inside and chairs outside on their porch.  We sat on the porch to watch the thunder and lightening show that started shortly after we got off our bicycles.  I recommend that you visit this place.


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