Alpine Creamery

July 19, 2016

Alpine Creamery, Sparta, New Jersey


Lake Mohawk in Sparta, NJ has a cute boardwalk over looking the lake.  I love getting an ice cream cone, walking to the boardwalk, sitting down and watching the boats, water skiers and swimmers.  Alpine Creamery is the perfect place to get that ice cream.

Our friends John and Doreen call Alpine Creamery a “crack house” because it is so addicting you keep going back for more, and it is a cash only business.  I had Bailey’s and Peanut Butter Oreo – both excellent!  This is an ice cream stand where ice cream is served through a window.  There are plenty of flavors and everything is home made.  There are tables and benches just outside the shop or you can walk across the street to the boardwalk.  Tonight we stayed at the picnic tables – the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed watching hustle and bustle of White Deer Plaza.  I will need to return for another fix.


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