Field of Creams

Field of Creamsimage.jpegJuly 7, 2016

Field of Creams, Mahwah, NJ

Today my travels took me to Mahwah, New Jersey.  After a delightful walk through the Ramapo River Reservation, my daughter and I set out  for ice cream (and dinner).  Visiting Mahwah for ice cream  had some poetic justice – my father, who I credit (or blame) for  my love of ice cream taught and coached at Mahwah High School for decades,   Too bad that he lives in Florida now and could not join us tonight!

Field of Creams in Mahwah is a small ice cream shop located in a ball huge park.  It is like a snack bar, but much nicer – with everything from crepes to burgers to ice cream – mostly Hershey’s ice cream with one great addition – their own Taro ice cream made from something like a purple yam – there was not enough left for a whole sundae, but we got to sample it- it was really good!  I had a pineapple sundae with Orange Blossom and Cinna-Graham Swirl.  It was very good (the taro would have been better!).    We enjoyed our ice cream in their  picnic table pavilion – we really liked this place!


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