Dover Dairy Maid

June 26, 2016

Dover Dairy Maid, Dover, NJ

Dover New Jersey has a large downtown with a Spanish influence.  It is a nice town to walk through with lots of restaurants, thrift stores and a great ice cream shop.

Dove  Dairy Maid in Dover NJ offers almost anything a ice cream connoisseur could want.  The ice cream is home made with a large variety to chose from.  There are lots of nice picnic tables and benches outside and the ice cream baristas were helpful and cheerful.  I had a peanut butter sundae with peanut butter fudge and coffee twist ice cream (they suggested vanilla, but why would I do that with so many choices?).  They asked me if I wanted whipped cream and a cherry (like most places do,)  Seriously – is it a sundae without whipped cream and a cherry?   Do people eat “sundaes” without whipped cream and a cherry?  One more question –  what is the significance of the “Maid” in Dover Dairy Maid?