Eiscafe da Claudio 2

image.jpegJune 17, 2016.

Eiscafe da Cludio 2, Deitzenbach, Getmany

Spaghetti ice cream?  Something American children often learn about in a high school German classes (thanks for that info Erica!)- ice cream extruded to look like spaghetti, topped with  tomato sauce (strawberry sauce) or meat balls (chocolate of course) (or both).  This was something I had to try, and Ruben found a place that served it.  I think he is still trying to figure out how we can like ice cream so much.


Once again I saw the great German word “eiscafe” and I knew it was a good thing.   Eiscafe da Claudio 2 in Deitzenbach, Germany had that spaghetti ice cream I was looking for and it was wonderful.  I had spaghetti carbonara –   the spaghetti was hazelnut ice cream, and the carbonara was some kind of liquor sauce ( for once I did not have to choose between alcohol and ice cream).  I totally enjoyed this treat and I totally enjoyed Eiscafe da Claudion 2 – it had outdoor seating in a n park like setting.  I enjoyed it even more because of the great group I was with. This place is worth a visit!


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