Cinelli’s Ice Cream Rolls

June 18, 2016

Cinelli’s Ice Cream Rolls, Frankfurt, Germany

Today we explored Frankfurt – The Main River bridge covered with locks from couples eternally in love, churches with beautiful sculptures and stained-glass, a historic place with a giant weird painting that I did not understand. (I am not a self -proclaimed history guru), and most importantly an ice cream shop.

Cinelli’s Ice  Cream Rolls was an interesting place.  Liquid ice cream was poured onto a cold surface, allowed to freeze and  rolled into a spirals using a spatula.  Several rolls were placed in a cup and toppings were added.  I got Myzein Jungle Mix – II do not know exactly what was in it, but I know it was topped with an animal cracker and some fruit.  I also know it was really good!


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