Miller’s Bakery and Cafe

May 21, 2016

Miller’s Bakery and Cafe. Tenafly, New Jersey

Today we tried “hiking” on a trail near the State Line Lookout in Alpine, New Jersey.  The hike ended up to be about a two hour rock scramble that I was not so sure we would make it back alive (but we did).  I needed ice cream to recover from the traumatic experience.

Miller’s Bakery and Cafe in Tenafly, New Jersey has beautiful looking baked goods in the front of the store.  The cakes looked fabulous (next blog I do might have to be cupcakes) but my favorite part of the store was the pictures on the wall –   The were colored pencil drawings from Dumont High School students.  I was particularly captivated by the drawings made using the topic of loyalty – the talent and insight was amazing!    The ice cream counter was toward the back of the shop.  I had  Cinnamon Swirl ice cream.



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