The Dairy O

imageMay 14, 2016

The Dairy O, Westtown, NY

I grew up in Orange County,  New Youk -Monroe to be exact in what  is now the Village of Kiryas Joel (I am not Jewish) .  While I cannot say I miss it, I do feel a certain fascination with how things have changed over the years – and I was brought up-to-date by a couple we met in The Dairy O today.

The Dairy O in Westtown, New York is a charming ice cream parlor that feels like it is in the middle of nowhere (probably because it is).  Westtown feels like the town time forgot (probably because it is).  We totally enjoyed our experience here. In addition to ice cream, they had local items and desserts available ( ice cream is not a dessert, it is a food group). It was friendly, the ice cream was home made and excellent and there were some interesting flavors to chose from.  I had Confetti Cake ice cream with chocolate sauce and pineapples on top.  This strange combination was suggested to me by another patron, and it was quite good. The Dairy O is worth a visit!  You might even glean information about your home town.


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