Hackettestown Dairy Queen

imageMay 13, 2016

Dairy Queen, Hackettstown, NJ

What better way is there to end a great fife and drum practice than a trip to a brewery?  – what goes together better than fife and drum and beer?  fife and drum, beer and ice cream of course!  We practiced hard tonight for our upcoming parades, and decided to follow it up at Larry’s favorite brewery (Man Skirt) with my favorite treat.  Karen and I went to get the ice cream while Larry went to Man Skirt and downed his first beer.

Hackettestown Dairy Queen has a great variety of ice cream and food.  It has the tasty ice cream that has made the chain famous.  It is situated on a creek with tables to sit at to enjoy the scenery or skip rocks while you devour your ice cream.  I got pumpkin ice cream, which seemed out of season, but it was actually quite good.  Karen went with soft chocolate and sprinkles, and Larry got chocolate (which I consider far more boring than vanilla!).  We took our ice cream, left he babbling  brook, and headed for the brewery and finish our delicious treats.



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