Alice’s Pantry

May 8, 2016

Alice’s Pantry, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

How many towns out there are named for Olympic athletes?  I do not know.  How many towns are named for Olympic athletes/fooimagetball players who maybe never stepped foot in your town?  I do not know that either, but Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania is one.  For such a small and scenic town, it has
a fascinating history of both how it got its name, and of the Molly Mcguires – prisioners who were hanged there for murder.  If you get a chance, stop by Jim Thorpe, visit the historic jail, take a scenic train ride and enjoy ice cream.

Alice’s Cafe and Creamery is cozy shop in Jim Thorpe.  There are a variety of homemade hard ice cream flavors
, many of which I never heard of before.  I was going to get Shoo-fly pie ice cream, because it was recommended by the customer in front of me (am I turning into my mother-in-law?).  What was I thinking?  only Pennsylvania people like shoo-fly pie – indeed, only Pennsylvania people even know what shoo-fly pie is.  After sampling it at the ice-cream-scooper-guy’s suggestion,  I decided to get Summer in Maine ice cream instead.  This was lemon ice cream with blueberries.  I know how blueberries fit into the Maine theme, but I am not sure how many lemons grow there.  Anyway, the ice cream was good and nicely presented, the ice-cream scooper guy delightful, and the shop a nice place to hang out in.  I recommend you visit this place for some great ice cream.  oh – and only get the shoo-fly pie ice cream if you are from Pennsylvania.






One thought on “Alice’s Pantry

  1. I thank you for the very nice write up that you did on your blog regarding Alice’s Cafe & Creamery. The concept of summer in Maine is a play on words; summer envoking the idea of fresh squeezed lemonade and Maine well obviously because of their blueberries. Your ice-cream scooper guy also just happens to be the proprietor of the establishment. I am there almost all of the time (definitely more than I am at home) to ensure that everyone who comes in leaves happy and satisfied. I am glad that you enjoyed your visit and perhaps next time I will remember that you changed your mind from a chocolate rim cake cone to a sugar cone before scooping the ice-cream on to it 😀.


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