Millside Cafe

imageApril 24, 2016

Millside Cafe, Lafayette, NJ

Lafayatte NJ is a small, quiet town in northwest NJ.  About all that is there is an antiques center (why would anyone pay all that money for old stuff? ) and a rail trail (actually they do also have a road department).    The Sussex Branch rail trail is nice for walking, horse back riding, or biking – especially because it passes very close to the Millside Cafe.

The Millside Cafe is a charming eatery in the antiques center.  The miss-matched chairs and tables actually go well together to give the place a casual atmosphere.  The cafe has an ice cream counter, and also serves both breakfast and lunch (like I care).   I had a Millside Sundae – I always like to try the local favorite.  The sundae was good, and because the weather was so charming, we were able to sit outside to enjoy it.  I highly recommend this place for an ice cream cone when enjoying a nice walk or ride on the Sussex Branch Rail Trail or “antiquing”.


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