Lakeside Licks

imageApril 17, 2016

Lakeside Licks, Highland, New York

Today we walked the Walkway Over the Hudson which goes from Highland, New York to Poughkeepsie, New York.  This is always a pleasant walk, even though being that high up sometimes creeps me out! No big boats today, but we saw a really long train!  we then walked a few miles along the Dutchess County side of the trail and now I am tired.  I am glad we filled up on ice cream before setting out.

Lakeside Licks is a relaxing place with a miniature golf course and a yard with picnic tables.  I got soft pina colada ice cream in a waffle cone – I do not think that I ever had a waffle cone before, so this was pretty exciting.   It was also fun having a new flavor of soft ice cream.   But there is one looming question about this place:  Where is the lake? Maybe you just have to imagine it.



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