Denville Dog and Grill

imageApril 10, 2016

Denville Dog and Grill/Denville Freeze

Today was the annual concrete canoe races at Cook’s Pond in Denville.  Civil Engineering students from New York and New Jersey colleges design, construct and race concrete canoes.  We love to watch the races, view the displays about the construction  and meet the students involved. The only snafu this year was that the students were not actually racing – the water was too frigid – they just had to swamp the boats to show they still floated.  The winning school was determined by the boat appearance, the construction display and an oral presentation done earlier in the week.  This year’s winner was NYU, followed by CCNY.  All the schools involved  (Fairleigh Dickinson, TCNJ, CCNY, NJIT, Manhattan College, Rowan, NYU and Rutgers) obviously put a tremendous amount of work into their projects, and I congratulate them all on a job very well done -amazing canoes, tremendous displays, great teamwork – Now we needed ice cream to complete our fun outing!

Denville Dog and Grill/Denville Freeze was reminiscent of an older style restaurant with laminated plastic booths and a charm that is hard to describe – casual, the kind of place you want to hang out with friends and enjoy simple fare of  hotdogs, burgers and fries and most importantly ice cream. Their ice cream counter offered both hard and soft ice cream.  I went with the soft ice cream – vanilla/chocolate twist (please don’t judge me as boring, I really like soft ice cream!) with peanut butter sauce and Reese’s Pieces – yummy.


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