Cranberry Junction

imageApril 3, 2016

Cranberry Junction, Hackensack, NJ

Today is what Winnie the Pooh would call a “very blustery day”.  We decided to make make the  trek to Bergen County (why did I think Blue Laws mean no traffic on Sundays?) and visit the Aviation Museum at Teterboro Airport.  The museum is small, but very interesting.  I got to sit in an ejection seat removed from a fighter jet or something.  It could no longer actually make me airborne, but I could imagine…  We had to follow this up with local ice cream (of course!)

Cranberry Junction in Hackensack, NJ is located in a nice park, and if it was not a very blustery day, we would have enjoyed our ice cream outside.  This shop sells both ice cream and doughnuts.  The two workers were excited -passionate workers are essential for a great ice shop, and this place had them – because they just won some type of award for the best donut in NJ or something like that –  I was actually tempted to buy a donut (in addition to ice cream of course) – but I resisted.  The ice cream was good, and I was informed that as the season progresses, there will be more home made flavors – does that mean that yet again I will have brave Bergen County roads?



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