Jefferson Dairy

imageApril 2, 2016

Jefferson Dairy, Jefferson NJ

Jefferson NI is a large town split in half by Route 15.  People who live in Jefferson seem to identify themselves with being either from the Lake Hopatcong side of town (where I love boating and swimming) or the Oak Ridge side of town (which has one of my favorite. rail trails in the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation).  Jefferson Dairy wisely placed themselves on the median of Route 15 so both sides of town can enjoy their ice cream.

Jefferson Dairy is  a take out ice cream place with lots of ice cream flavors, ice cream cakes, ice cream novalties – you get the picture.  I love their ice cream and I stop there too often because they are right on Route 15.  Tonight I had Elephants Never Forget and Mocha Rocket Chip. I do not know how rockets fit into mocha chip, or how elephants are related to peanut butter ice cream, but I am just going with it.


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