Enjoy Creparie

imageApril 1, 2016

Enjoy Creparie, Hackettestown, New Jersey

Hackettestown, New Jersey is known for three things – great chocolate (M&M Mars and Enchanted Chocolate), great education (Centenary College) and great music (Colonial Musketeers Senior (and Junior) Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.  But Hackettestown also has a cute downtown that is fun to walk through, and enjoy ice cream in.

The first thing you see upon entering Enjoy Creparie in Hackettestown, NJ is the ice cream counter that goes across the front of the shop – they know what is important here!    A really sweet lady – I apologize for not getting her name – was working the counter.  When I told her I wanted to order a crepe and ice cream, she asked if she should scoop the ice cream first so that I could eat it while I waited for the crepe – they really do know what is important here!  Being in the downtown, I enjoyed the ice cream while I did people and street watching (not street walking!).   It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience!  Oh – I almost forgot – I had Roadrunner Raspberry and Salted Caramel Turtle ice cream – both very tasty!


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