Brain Freeze

image..March 19, 2016

Brain Freeze, New Milford NJ

Today I went to my daughter’s place in Bergenfield NJ.  From there we visited the Turkish Cultural Center and took an Ebru – Water Marbling Class.  The class was fascinating – I had never heard of this art form before.  The  ladies at the center who introduced us to the technique were such a joy to work with – they taught us a lot, and even the rudimentary pictures that we created were  works of art that we were very proud of.  It was a really fun afternoon – I highly recommend the class to anyone interested.  We needed to follow it up with ice cream!

Brain Freeze Ice Cream in New Milford, New Jersey is the ice cream shop we choose.    I found the name interesting – brain freeze (sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.) is a term used to describe headaches that come from quickly ingesting very cold things, such as ice cream.   FYI – I did not experience brain freeze today.  I had a scoop of cookie monster, which was a nice shade of blue, and a scoop of mudslide.


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