Da’s Creamery

imageMarch 18, 2016

Da’s Creamery, Mount Olive, NJ

I frequently pass through Mt. Olive (where did that name come from?  do they grow olives there? is it named after someone?  a biblical reference?) on route 46.  To me this place is where I have seen shows (Pax Amicus Castle Theater and Mount Olive High School).  It is also a great place to go for ice cream.

Da’s Creamery in Mount Olive, NJ is a charming little shop.  It is bright with colorful murals on the walls.   This ice cream,  all homemade in small batches, came in a  lot of interesting flavors.  I had Vanilla fFg and Key Lime.  This is the first time I have had figs in ice cream and it actually worked very well.  The Key Lime was very creamy.  If you find yourself in northwest NJ, this place is really worth a visit.  I can’t wait to try some more new flavors!


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