Bischoff’s Ice Cream

March 6, 2016

After spending the day hiking and visiting World of Wings (we were mot the only ones there without a little kid -really), we needed refreshment – and ice creimageam is just the refreshment we needed.  My daughter Renee is in the photo with me.

Buschoff’s Ice Cream in Teaneck, New Jersey – I love this place!  The front of the store is beautifully decorated with candy and others things I do not care about.  The back of the store has a quaint ice cream parlor- comfortable tables and booths with a menu that includes sandwiches, munchies and of course ice cream.  I decided to go with the local fare – the Teaneck Sundae, and I asked the waitress what ice cream flavors she recommended.  The rum raisin had a delightfully strong rum flavor and plump raisins.  The pistascio was also quite good.  All their ice cream is home made and totally delicious.  I am glad I have a good metabolism!



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