After Char-Broil and Ice Cream

 March 4, 2016

When twice in the same week I am told about an ice cream place which I have never tried, I take note!  Thanks Marc (a coworker) and Suzanne (a friend of my friend Mike)!

After Char-Broil and Ice Cream, Flanders, New Jersey is quite a place.  Half the store serves sandwiches, fries and breakfast foods, the other half (my favorite half) sells ice cream.  The ice cream parlor has picnic table-type seating where you order at the counter and they call your number.  The place is very busy tonight, but when the see me interested in the ice cream, I get rapid service.  Tonight’s special is a ST. Paddy’s Sundae – mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge, cookie crumbles, whipped cream, a cherry and green sprinkles.  It was really good!  next time I will have to have their seasonal flavor – Irish Cream ice cream.



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