Taylor’s Ice Cream

Feb. 28, 2016

Chester, New Jersey is a great little town!  It has delightful shops – you can get everything from custom made jewelry to furniture and even psychic readings.  What brought us to
Chester today was hiking along the Black River followed by lunch at the Publick House with our daughter and son-
in-law, walking around shops (I did not get my palm read so I know not what my future holds), and eating ice cream.

Taylor’s Ice Cream in Chester New Jersey has been around a while.  When my kids were little, they played for the Chester Apple
Festival each October.  The entire corps then went to Taylor’s.  Each kid in the corps could get whatever they wanted, but had to eat what they got.  The size of the sundae’s some kids left with were huge, but they always finished them!  The memories still make me laugh.  Today I got a scoop of Playdough ice cream, and a  scoop of Cappachino Blast.  Playdough was really sweet sugar cookie dough ice cream.  It was designed for kids (and immature adults like me).  It was really tasty, and it was fun to be in a parlor that brought back such great memories!



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