The Newport Creamery: Newport, Rhode Island.


January 10, 2016

12471829_10208367890575423_8144973661428591424_oNewport Creamery, Newport RI – My second stop was the next day at The Newport Creamery in Newport, Rhode Island.  Newport is a charming village with numerous fun shops, lots of restaurants and eateries, their crown jewel cliff walk which goes along either the ocean or the Long Island Sound – I couldn’t figure out which (really cool walk – I highly recommend it!) and an ice cream parlor.

The Newport Creamery was quiet when we arrived due to the late hour, season and a cold front coming in.  It specialized in ice cream, but had other food as well (is there food other than ice cream?).  The sundae I had was  PB&F and Reeses Pieces – it was incredibly good, the server was delightful – a great place to visit!



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