PennyLick, Hastings on Hudson, NY

January 16, 2016

PennyLick12469440_10208414063969729_5406674002007753314_o, Hastings on Hudson, NY – We found ourselves in Hastings-on-Hudson when we were exploring the Old Aqueduct Trail which is where a pipe used to bring water into New York City from a reservoir.  It was an interesting trail that led through several towns, including this one.  We loved this town – it was along the Hudson River, with great views and a lovely downtown.

Pennylicks was a small shop with some of the best ice cream I have ever had.  I had an extremely tasty scoop of Ethiopian Macchiato and a scoop of  Maple Salted Caramel.  The lady scooping the ice cream said that they make all their ice cream there, starting with the bases and moving on.  Their preparation/flavoring techniques are a bit different than most places which what she attributed the great taste to.  We sat at a window table and enjoying every mouthful.  Oh  – and this is a peanut-free facility.


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