Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream: Mystic, Connecticut

12513862_10208375851894451_87958578790254302_oJanuary 11, 2016  Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream,  Mystic Connecticut – Mystic is a great town.  I have always loved the seaport – a historical site of a seaport of days gone by.  Downtown Mystic has a drawbridge with a sign telling when the drawbridge opens, I enjoy this sign because it is so cryptic – even after reading it, I still have no idea when the drawbridge operates – it might get a spot in my favorite sign collection.  Next to the drawbridge is an ice cream parlor.

Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream is right on the water and would have been a great view if we were there when it was still light out.  The shop has a sandwich side and an ice cream side.  I must admit, I was surprised that the ice cream side had more business tonight.  I had a Nutter Sundae which was really good – Just what we needed as we headed home from a great New England weekend!


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