Denville Dairy, Denville NJ

12657278_10208519303280646_2051947665742421159_oJanuary 30, 2016

Denville Dairy, Denville NJ – Denville is a delightful town with a great downtown.  I have always loved Denville, but in the last few years I have felt an extra fondness for it because I get to march in their Christmas parade with my fife and drum corps (I am a fifer).  Today we went hiking with our youngest daughter at a local park and then rewarded ourselves with an ice cream treat.

I have been to Denville Dairy many times in the past – the ice cream is always great and the staff always friendly,  I am not the only one who loves it – this place is always crowded.  They offer such a variety of ice cream, novelties and ice cream cakes that everyone seems to love them!   I enjoyed cherry vanilla and oreo cream.  The cherry vanilla had lots of big cherry pieces, and the oreo cream was very tasty  cookies-and-cream type flavor.  Even though it is January, we sat outside to eat our ice cream because it was such a warm day!


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