Cool Cow, Franklin NJ (Sussex County)

12657957_10208505261689615_1246053754384295633_oJanuary 29, 2016

 Cool Cow, Franklin NJ (Sussex County) –  New Jersey tends to like to name their towns after people from colonial days, which is nice, except for the fact that they choose from a pot that is too small.  We have multiple Franklins, and even a larger number of Washingtons.  This place is in the Franklin in Sussex County.

Cool Cow is a dual store – half is dedicated to crepes, and half to ice cream.  I obviously went to the ice cream half.  The two flavors I tried were “Elephants Never Forget”  and “Baileys Irish Cream”.  The first was a peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips.  The second tasted just like the liquor.


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