Cones By Design, Stanhope, NJ

F12728819_10208605883925108_7788038439148570948_neb. 12, 2016

Cones By Design, Stanhope, NJ  – On Friday evenings, I go to fife practice.  There are numerous ways that I can get there, and I mix it up – the path I took tonight led me to an unexpected treat – an ice cream shop that I had never been to before!  This was a  chilly night – which felt particularly cold because we have had such a warm winter.  My guess is that ice cream was a hard sell today.

Cones by Design had cakes for Valentine’s Day and an ice cream counter.  I loved the big penguin painted on the wall – it gave the shop a festive atmosphere.   I choose two of their seasonal specials – Superman and Raspberry Blast.  The Superman was a brightly colored mix of fruit flavored ice creams with mini chocolate candies –  I figured Raspberry Blast would match nicely with it – and I was right!


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