Chocolate Parfait, Andover NJ

12593763_10208476706175745_7927039805530301263_oJanuary 25, 2016

Chocolate Parfait, Andover NJ –  Upon entering this ice cream parlor/chocolate shop the first thing that struck me was how beautiful all the candy displays were!  It is a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, and they are ready with a vast array of any kind of candy you want to give your sweetheart (or yourself).  But I am not here for the candy.

The ice cream counter is towards the back of the shop,  I had a scoop of black raspberry, and a scoop of monster cookie.  The black raspberry was good, but the monster cookie was great!  it seemed to be a mishmash of different kinds of cookies where every bite had a bit of a different flavor – no boredom here (not that ice cream is ever boring!).  Before I left Gina, the lady who scooped the ice cream encouraged me to try the coconut ice cream which is her favorite.  I must say, even though I am not usually a coconut fan, this was very good.



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