Carvel, Middletown NY

12697068_10208611930356265_4193922944761681513_oFebruary 13, 2016 Carvel, Middletown NY – One thing I have been blessed with is lots of brothers, and with them. great sisters-in-laws and awesome nieces and nephews.  That is what brought me to Middletown NY today.  I was visiting with my brother when my niece arrived with her friend S.    S. had to leave shortly thereafter to go to work – and she worked at Carvel.  That was all the invitation I needed!

Carvel is an ice cream shop name I remember from when I was a kid – their ice cream is still great!  The place was bright and colorful with comfortable seating.  What made it more fun (in addition to getting served by S:).) was that their high-tech ice cream dispenser allowed me to try 9 soft ice cream flavors in one cup!   And get this – I liked all 9 flavors!


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