Blake’s Family Restaurant, Manchester NH

12513558_10208566296575449_3167493347208320613_oFebruary 7, 2016

Blake’s Family Restaurant, Manchester NH – My daughter and I went to New Hampshire for the weekend to go ice climbing.  We had a great time, and enjoyed the White Mountains in New Hampshire immensely.  Their beauty was amazing, and our guide for the climbing was fantastic.  We actually had a difficult time finding ice cream places in New Hampshire.  Our guide said that the United States eats more ice cream than any other country, and New Englanders eat more ice cream than anyone else in the US.  I guess they are eating it at home!

Blake’s Family restaurant is a real ice cream parlor.  They have a full menu for patrons who want a full meal, and an ice cream counter for patrons like us who just want ice cream.  While our sundaes were being prepared, several customers slipped in, bought half gallons of ice cream and left – the locals seemed to love this place, and its home made ice cream.  I loved it too.  The ice cream was really good, and the staff was friendly and fun.  They took the picture for us, and told us about the New Hampshire Ice Cream Challenge that takes place in the summer – the goal is to to see how many ice cream places you can get to over the time the challenge runs.  I would definitely try it if I lived there.  But for right now, I am happy to enjoy what Blake’s has to offer.


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